31 August 2017

Artist Finds Pantones Out in the Real World

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James Ashe, Managing Partner

An Italian artist’s beautiful photo sets show that you really can find a Pantone for any situation.

Andrea Antoni has begun to attract a lot of attention lately for his stunning photos. His Instagram feed is a curation of photos from his native Italy, but with a twist – he matches each one to a selection of Pantone swatches.


A post shared by Andrea "Style1" Antoni (@stailuan) on

Although many of the photos have been edited or altered to create a certain look and feel, such as the one above, his swatches always represent colours that can be found in the original photo, and the use of the Pantone swatch book in each one injects a playfulness into the images that we love. Check out a few more of his photos below:


A post shared by Andrea "Style1" Antoni (@stailuan) on


A post shared by Andrea "Style1" Antoni (@stailuan) on


A post shared by Andrea "Style1" Antoni (@stailuan) on

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